Being Unapologetically You

Hey everyone! Let's chat for a bit. How hard is it to be unapologetically you now days? Hard, right? Or at least that's what it seems like to some. Well, to me its NOT hard, why? Because I own who I AM flaws and all and I don't care what anyone has to say about me. Nine times out of ten people who down you for being you are usually miserable and they wish they could be as confident as you are. Take me for instance, I'm sure you've all heard something about REDS JOHNSON, right? Probably good, probably bad but either way I DON'T CARE! I've been unapologetically me for years and it feels damn good! I've literally had people make fun of me being homeless, make fun of the fact that I had a miscarriage and make fun of the fact that I loss my mother. Did it bother me? Somewhat, because it's so sad how hard people go to try to break me and it just doesn't work. It makes me smile to see how it's a group effort to take me down and yet it still doesn't work. I mean, why does it bother people that I enjoy being who I am? No matter my struggles, no matter my setbacks, and no matter the rumors I still live in my truth and that alone makes people cringe.

People's main thing when they talk about me is "Ooh, she's fat." OR "She needs to revive her career." The same ol, same ol and I'm still writing books regardless if they hit the charts, why? Because its MY PASSION and I'd be damn if I allow miserable people make me feel otherwise.

You see in life you have to ALWAYS DO YOU! BE YOUR OWN CHEERLEADER! LOVE THE SHIT OUT OF YOURSELF! I don't care if you live in a box! You make the best out of that box and be happy with it. I don't care if you're bald headed with one eye. You better wake up every day with a smile on your face and work the hell out of that one eye. People will try their hardest to make you feel like it's a crime to love yourself flaws and all, but don't let them! Own your flaws! Own who you are! Don't allow other people to dictate who they THINK you are. People are miserable, and they wish they could do half the things you do. I know people wish they were me! They wish they had my strength and they wish they could have half the opportunities I have. All I do is pray for them, keep it moving, and continue to be unapologetically me, and that's exactly what YOU SHOULD DO!


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